Recursos Informáticos (



Configuring the DNS (Howto ?): See Here

Application Server/Storage system: SSH/SFTP e SMB (Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 see here)

Do you need to share a file (Howto ?): Ver aqui

WWW Server: See here

Proxy Server: See here

VPN Server: See here

Protocol SMB over SSH (Howto ? Only Portuguese): See Here

Do you need to restore a file or a bunch files ?: Please send a request

Configuring NTP service (Howto ?): See Here

Resources related with students and laboratories (Only Portuguese): See Here

Attention: The elements that do not belong to the staff of the DI use for access: SSH/SFTP ( and SMB ( The remaining services are acceded as if they were of the staff.

You can have access to your own area, from the exterior, using SSH/SFTP.